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    NEW - Effol Skin Repair

    Innovative antiseptic care cream for damaged skin areas in the case of cracked heels, sweet itch, etc. Ethereal oils hinder inflammation and reduce irritation. They form a protective film against viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. Selected vitamins and panthenol support the healing process. Oxide of zinc forms a protective film against damp which at the same time has a moisture-regulating effect. Effol Skin Repair is simple to apply and remains for a long time on areas requiring protection. Effol Skin Repair can also be applied to particular problem areas as a preventative measure. Contains: panthenol, ethereal oils, vitamins, oxide of zinc, urea, bisabolol
    150 ml tube
    Internet Price:$18.99   (Regular price:$21.99)
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    NEW - Effol Mane and Tail Liquid

    What about some extra volume?
    Human-cosmetic silicon oils create greater fullness and volume and at the same time facilitate the untangling and combing of the long hair. Special caring oils strengthen the hair and prevent it from drying out. Bio-sulphur protects against attacks by unpleasant parasites and thus prevents any abnormal rubbing and damaging of mane and tail.
    Contains: bio-sulphur, human-cosmetic silicon oils
    500 ml Spray bottle (refillable)
    Regular Price = $21.99
    Internet Price = $19.99
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    Effol Horse Shampoo Concentrate

    Ideal all-round care for short and long hair This medically tested shampoo cleans mildly but thoroughly. It has a refreshing and vitalising effect. Does not have a striping effect so the skin´s natural protection is preserved. Leaves a silky, pearly shine. The Effol shampoo brush makes it particularly easy to apply.
    Contains: cosmetic care ingredients, mild tenside
    500 ml Bottle
    Regular Price = $9.99
    Internet Price = $7.99
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    Effol Ultra Shine Lotion

    Gleam & Care
    Ultra Shine with outstanding skin and coat care properties as a result of aloe vera and vitamin F. Furthermore, a light protection factor also protects against skin irritations even in the case of extreme exposure to sun rays. Due to its long-term dirt-repellent effect Effol Ultra Shine Lotion is also especially economical to use.
    Contains: aloe vera, vitamin F, light protection factor
    100 ml Try-out Spray bottle
    Regular Price = $3.99
    Internet Price = $2.99
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    Effol Horse-Balm

    Dermatologically Tested - The first horse balm Very popular not only with horses. Cools, relaxes and activates after stress. Has a refreshing and vitalising effect on sore muscles as well as tension or stiffness. Very kind to the coat and skin. Does not stick. Bandaging is not necessary.
    Contains: arnica, horse chestnut extract, menthol, camphor
    500 ml tin
    Internet Price:$18.99   (Regular price:$21.99)
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    The Worlds Best Hoof Oil has 100% genuine, pure and undiluted natural ingredients and has been tested and used for over 50 years. With 5 natural Oils and Vitamins that absorb quickly and promote healthy hooves.
    Ideal for any breed of horse that requires quick, strong healthy growth for work, ring, racetracks or pleasure.
    Because WBHO really works you only need to LIGHTLY paint the hoof. It is easy to apply and does not solidify in the cold of the morning or winter.always shake the bottle( to mix oils together ). Apply lightly to hoof with brush paying particular attention to the area on or just above the coronet band and do the entire hoof face from top to bottom.
    500 ml bottle
    Regular price $24.99
    Internet price: $19.99
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    Effol Hoof Ointment

    The original ointment formula for ail hoof type. Ensures healthy growth and keeps the hoof elastic. Daily use prevents hoof diseases and also repels dirt. Black Color or Green.
    Contains: vaseline, laurel oil, thyme.
    500 ml tin - Regular price $11.99-
    ON SALE : $7.50

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    Effol Brush-Fix

    Innovative brush holder attachment to Effol/Effax tins. The unique design prevents the care equipment from becoming dirty in the grooming box.
    Internet Price: $6.99 (Regular Price: $7.99)
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    Effol Lip Balm

    Effol Lippenflegestift (German for Lip Balm). Pure formula with palm oil. SPF 20 Light Vanila scent. A treat for your lips. Made in Germany
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    Veterinarian Anti-microbial Wound Spray

    EquiSilver spray is a veterinarian formulated colloidal silver wound spray. Painless when applied, anti-microbial, non-toxic and 100% safe product. Can be used on cuts, burns, abrasions, flea and insect bites, open wound as well as skin rashes. Medical research shows that silver promotes more rapid healing.

    Contains: Deionized water, Colloidal Silver.
    2.5oz bottle
    Internet Price: $17.99
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    Veterinarian Wound Dressing

    Equisilver Wound Dressings are manufactured with a medical grade nylon woven fabric plated with 99.99% pure silver. Can be used to treat lacerations, abrasions, burns, dermal ulcers, proud flesh, scratches, fungus and many more conditions. Equisilver wound dressings are environmentally safe and non-toxic. Equisilver Wound Dressings are to be applied directly on the wound surface. Multi-layering is recommended for optimum results. Dressings may be left on the wound for up to 7 days. It is recommended that the dressing be changed and cleaned every 2-3 days. Equisilver wound dressings are for external use only. Dressings should be stored in sealed package at room temperature. Avoid excess heat and humidity.
    4" x24" sheets = $19.99
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